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The Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper Book by York

Rifle Paper Company Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings
“Get the personal illustrative touch from designer Anna Bond.”

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Rifle Paper Co

Camont Wallpaper


Rifle Paper Co

Fable Wallpaper


Rifle Paper Co

Garden Party Wall Mural


Rifle Paper Co

Garden Party Wallpaper


Rifle Paper Co

Peacock Wallpaper


The entire collection of Rifle Paper Co. by York is available through Leland's Wallpaper.

For samples and orders from this collection, please call our showroom. 817-226-7890.

Rifle Paper Co Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings is a stylish collaboration with original designs and illustrations by Anna Bond for stationary that has a personal touch into a top selling collection of wallpapers! This husband and wife team, Nathan (a musician) and Anna (an illustrator), bring creativity and passion to every design. "I started this brand creating products I loved and would be proud to use myself." Anna Bond

Exciting traditional motifs get a classic update with saturated colors and specific attention to details. Fable Wallpaper brings to life childhood stories where rabbits and squirrels look like they might jump off the woodland background in a palette of mineral, linen, gold, emerald and black. Tapestry Wall Covering is a charming calico like mini floral that changes the Fable Wallpaper background into colorful fields of black/multi, black/beige, indigo and light mustard. Hawthorne Wallcovering is a delightful mini floral framed in a shell like ogee and is offered in navy, cream, navy/gold, blue/green and black/cream. Canopy Wallpaper is a luxurious adaptation of branches with leaves and berries into a contemporary palette of rose, black/white, indigo/silver, gold/white and gold/black. Laurel Wall Covering is a graceful laurel trellis with an Art Deco flair that comes in shades of white, black, green, navy and blue.

Jump start your decor with colorful prints that give your walls character. Camont Wallpaper continued the tradition of using the manicured garden as wall art and comes in shades of linen, indigo and green. Garden Party Wall Covering is a sophisticate and modern floral that fills walls with colors like pastels, coral, blue, brown, and burgundy. Peonies Wallcovering is Rifle's most beloved, large scale bloom and comes in periwinkle, navy, white, black or grey. Wildwood Wallpaper is a lovely botanical with a small scale available in navy, blue, hunter green, beige and black. City Maps Wall Covering invites you to travel the world from the safety of home using mint, grey or blue color variations. Juniper Forest Wallcovering brings the love of the outdoors into your home using burgundy, pine and black. Peacock Wallpaper is a playful transition of a classic motif on a palette of emerald, light pink, black, linen, navy, blue, and periwinkle. Hydrangea Wall Covering is an expressive garden print with smaller bunches of the iconic flower and comes in navy, blue, grey, jade and black.

This is exciting collection is the latest in a long line partnerships between up and coming designers and the most experienced of wallpaper companies. Diverse in heritage and design experience, Rifle Paper Co Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings has something for every home.

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