Kathy Leland

Kathy Leland

Kathy is our proud founder and operator since 1981. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and a Masters from North Texas State University. Kathy has created a warm, inviting atmosphere for our customers. After 40 successful years, she is passing the torch and legacy, retiring in June of 2021.  

Melissa Carrell Leland's Wallpaper Showroom Manager

Melissa Carrell

Melissa is our new owner beginning in June 2021 after 15 years of being Kathy's store manager.  She carries on the legacy built by Kathy Leland. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design.  Her motto is “You shouldn't have to wait for a sale for your home to be beautiful!”  That is why all 200+ stock patterns in our store are always on sale.  Plus every sale price you see here on our website will last for the life of the collection.  Her goal is to provide designers, contractors, builders and the general public great service with a hefty dose kindness and respect.