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The Grandmillennial Wallpaper Book by York

Grandmillennial Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings
“Introducing the charm and style of yesteryear to a new generation.”

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Grandmillennial Wallpaper Collection by York Wallcoverings introduces the charm and style of yesteryear to a new generation. These statement making wall coverings become the center of every room's story through color and pattern. Archival designs are re-imagined for the informal beauty that is timeless and trending as we move away from minimalism. This collection is filled with floral, damask, geometric and toile prints that blend yesterday's traditions with today's modern aesthetics.

Organic florals help layer decor. Morning Garden Wallpaper combines tulips and hydrangeas for timeless luxury in black, navy, white, yellow and beige. Fanciful Wall Covering is a lovely Chinoiserie floral with the influence of the East India trade routes and comes in teal, orange, dark green, beige, grey and navy. Enchanted Fern Wallcovering is a lush fern with a tropical rain forest appeal in Blue/Green, Beige/Grey, Green/Red, Blue, Grey/Beige, and Navy/Green. Vintage Blooms Wallpaper stems from a late 19th Century French illustration with a color fill in blue, red, yellow and grey.

Traditional is versatile and timeless. Tapestry Damask Wall Covering has the classic appeal of a damask printed on fabric in a palette of grey, dark grey, off-white, blue, teal, red and yellow. Seasons Toile Wallcovering is a European etched pastoral scene that emerges into the historical preservation and vintage revival decor using monochromatic inks of navy, brown, grey, teal, dark green and red. Leaf Pendant Wallpaper hints at a dotted pattern with a small leaf motif on a linen background in yellow, grey, blue, linen, black, red and green. Fernwater Cranes Wall Covering incorporates the unique ambiance of the wetlands with the understated elegance needed to display heirlooms and comes in brown, green, black and blue.

The balance of nature moves indoors. Boxwood Garden Wallpaper celebrates the process of entry with an aerial view hedges and their walkways in light green, green, teal and beige. Diamond Gate Wall Covering has the criss-cross look of a riveted gate in an unassuming scale and palette of taupe, tan, grey, yellow, white and green. Scalloped Stripe Wallcovering has the graceful edges of spindles on a staircase in a vertical stripe that comes in red, blue, grey, off-white, black, yellow, and green. Pathways Wallpaper is a stylish geometric of symmetrical shapes and contrasting colors that move the eye in linear paths with navy, green, red, grey and white. Evening Star Wall Covering uses a distressed ink and strong angles to create a radial star pattern in black, pearl, silver, glint and blue.

Coordinating wallcoverings from Grandmillennial Wallpaper Collection by York Wallcoverings make complete Eco-Decor effortless. Proudly made in the USA with water-based inks and high performance paper from renewable forests, they are easy to install and fully removable.

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