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The Sumi Wallpaper Book by Wallquest

Sumi Wallpaper Book by Wallquest Wallcoverings
“A modern expression of traditional Eastern motifs.”

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Sumi Wallpaper Collection by Wallquest Wallcoverings is a modern expression of traditional Eastern motifs like toile and chinoiserie blended with geometric and tile patterns. Nature figures prominently in Eastern cultures with birds, bamboo, flowers and koi fish being incorporated into art, textiles and wall coverings. The palette offers rich red and blues, golden ochres and bronzes along with silvers and teals.

Tradition, heritage and legacy are quite important in Eastern households, and thus reflected in their decor. Crane Toile Wallpaper creates a dimensional scenic with layers of design and solid backgrounds in red, blue, silver, off-white and bronze. Eastern Garden Wall Covering sets up a garden scene with pagoda like buildings, wooden bridges and travelers in a palette of navy with grey, ochre or rust. Bird Trail Wallcovering offers a chinoiserie floral and branches with birds and the occasional butterfly in shades of pink, blue, teal and yellow. Toile Trail Wallpaper is understated and brings only the floral layer on a faux finish background in red, blue, gold and grey. Eastern Garden Monotone Damask Wall Covering provides a subtle garden scene in the background behind a faux linen dimensional damask design in teal, grey or ochre.

Taking on a more specialized Eastern theme, you can create harmonious decor. Koi Pond Wallcovering begins a layering of koi fish, a stylized lotus blossom and concentric circles to represent water coming in blue, teal, orange and grey. Continue with your fish theme using tiny stacking Fish Scales Wallpaper in grey, blue, teal or charcoal. Tropical Bamboo Wall Covering realistically looks like a printed grasscloth with a generously sized bamboo motif in blue, green, coral and grey. Diamond Lattice Wallcovering hints at a bamboo trellis or shoji screen with clean lines and comes in red, grey or gold. Metallic Tile Wallpaper makes an excellent coordinate for walls or ceilings with a distressed, foil like finish in pewter, gold, copper or silver. Water Color Stripe Wall Covering employs the reflection of a horizon on the water with a weathered appearance in pink, blue, teal and ochre.

Coordinating wallcoverings in Sumi Wallpaper Collection by Wallquest Wallcoverings effortlessly create layers in your decor. This entire collection is Made in USA and printed from responsible paper sources for a smaller environmental footprint.

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