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The Maya Wallpaper Book by Wallquest

Maya Wallpaper Book by Wallquest Wallcoverings
“A lovely balance of color and nature.”

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The entire collection of Maya by Wallquest is available through Leland's Wallpaper.

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Maya Wallpaper Book by Wallquest Wallcoverings is a lovely balance of color and nature. From organic patterns to textile inspired prints, organic wallpapers blend into your modern decor. Simple textures and watercolor finishes round out this tropical collection.

Elements of nature become elegant details in your decor. Tropical Flowers Wallpaper is a veritable garden of tropical plants and comes in purple, grey, sepia and emerald. Vertical Leaves Wall Covering is a simple layering palm fronds over a faux grass background in a palette of taupe, beige, blue and grey. Maya Tropical Leaf Wallcovering has the appeal of windblown leaves silhouetted against a textural background in golden, emerald, teal and grey. Spot Leaves Wallpaper look like stenciled leaves with a touch of texture on a linen background in taupe, greige, brown and golden. Watercolor Branches Wall Covering present climbing branches that offer a secondary wavy stripe in shades of jade, charcoal, emerald, blue and coral. Stippled Trees Wallcovering makes a grove of rustic painted trees over a mostly solid background in grey, beige, emerald and navy.

Patterns and prints create harmony with their balanced designs. Tribal Stripe Wallpaper covers your walls in a textile inspired watercolor of sepia, taupe, blush, aqua and blue. Dots and Lines Wall Covering layers an abstract geometric over columns of dotted circles in a palette of tan, teal, grey and black. Wood Squares Wallcovering alternates the cuts of wood block squares to create a textured tile for walls in tan, taupe, beige and grey.

Coordinating wallcoverings from Maya Wallpaper Book by Wallquest Wallcoverings are proudly Made in USA. They are printed on responsibly sourced papers to be more environmentally friendly. The Wallquest brand is not allowed by license to be sold online. Please contact the showroom directly to place orders.

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