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The Summer House Wallpaper Book by Seabrook

Seabrook Designs Mondrian Wallpaper Book
“Celebrate the visual study of geometry, pattern, balance and scale.”

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Mondrian Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Wallcoverings celebrates the visual study of geometry, pattern, balance and scale. Classic geometry is explored in terms of cubism, the abstract and modernism with the Dutch flair of a pure dedication to the structure and framework of design. The murals are of memorable works from Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, and the wallpapers inspired by his entire body of work.

Bold graphics make statements about your personality and your home. De Stijl Wallpaper is inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and is indicative of the De Stijl Movement that embodies art and architecture with its layers of rectangular shapes in a palette of perry teal, indigo, soft sage, hammered steal, and cobalt. Lozenge Geometric Wall Coverings creates a patchwork of triangles and squares using solid shapes, lined shapes and dotted shapes in silver, hammered steel, indigo, teal and latte. Deco Geometric Wallcovering simulates a skyline of high-rise buildings by stacking blocks and comes in latte, perry teal and French vanilla.

Understated prints gracefully elevate decor. Bauhaus Cityscape Wallpaper combines lines, dots and textures into a city grid with an aerial appeal available in linen, laurent grey, hammered metallic, perry teal, and burgundy. Capsule Geometric Wall Covering is an energetic mini print in gemstone facets that makes a modern mosaic that comes in denim blue, linen, ivory, ivory/terracotta, nobel grey, skylight navy, perry teal, pastel pink, terracotta/white, and metallic gold parchment. Spiro Geometric Wallcovering is a tiny and trippy print that is reminiscent of the spiro on top of a beanie offered in pearl grey, terracotta, ivory, pavestone, skylight, and denim. Deco Spliced Stripe Wallpaper looks like ribbons of threads in a subtle stripe using denim blue, linen, dove, ivory, parchment, noble grey, skylight, graphite, perry teal, pastel pink, terracotta, and gold.

Murals are a great source for gallery worthy art on a regular price scale. Mondrian Grid Wall Mural is a large scale layered and lined geometric grid. Mondrian De Stijl Wall Mural deconstructs the larger composition into a more basic geometric with only a hint of color. Mondrian Composition Wall Mural allows anyone to own Mondrian's Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow in the form of a paneled wall mural.

Coordinating wall coverings from the Mondrian Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Wallcoverings combine nostalgia with an artistic aesthetic for the entire home.

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