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The Williamsburg Volume 2 Wallpaper Book by York

WMBA99 Williamsburg 2 Wallpaper Book Cover
“Create inviting spaces with energy and balance, where Trend meets Tradition, in 18th Century Colonial inspired designs.”

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Williamsburg 2

Braganza Wallpaper

$39.99 $34.95

Williamsburg 2

Chinese Peony Wallpaper

$49.99 $39.95
$39.99 $34.95

Williamsburg 2

Palace Fret Wallpaper

$47.99 $39.95

The entire collection of Williamsburg 2 by York is available through Leland's Wallpaper.

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Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the 18th Century Virginia town is proud of York Wallcoverings newest collection Williamsburg 2: Trend Meets Tradition Wallpaper Book. International influence abounds in wallcoverings for today's trends with a fresh touch of tradition.

Braganza Wallpaper cleverly adapts for the modern American home the iconic exotic animals and flowers brought to the Americas through British East India trade routes. Chinese Peony Wallpaper gracefully applies this symbol of prosperity used in the Governor's Palace to a clean and confident color palette. Palace Fret Wallpaper is thought to be translated from the intricately carved chair rails in the Governor's Palace, indicative of the Chinese Key seen in the far east. Arcadia Wallpaper is a poetic over-sized floral designed to reflect the mythical heritage of ancient Greece.

Lightfoot Garden Wallpaper is a signature pattern based on a picturesque hand painted wall covering of peonies, chrysanthemums, lanterns and birds formerly hung in Lightfoot House in Williamsburg, Virginia. In the fashion silk brocades and enduring old world tapestries, Albemarle Damask Wallpaper will lavish your walls. Everard Damask Wallpaper is a revered floral design in luminous inks drawn from the renowned treasury of fabrics and wallpapers of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Fuse the heritage of distinctive 18th Century designs with the energy of modern homes. These fine wallcoverings are inspired by the craftsmanship of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and creatively updated for a new traditional American style. Williamsburg 2: Trend Meets Tradition Wallpaper Book is a quintessential study in all things Colonial. Sure Strip wall coverings are easy up and guaranteed to be completely removable.

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