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The Dream On Wallpaper Book by Candice Olson

Candice Olson Dream On Wallpaper Book
“The potential for ravishing walls and glowing rooms is on display.”

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Dream On

Onyx Wallpaper


The entire collection of Dream On by Candice Olson is available through Leland's Wallpaper.

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Candice Olson's Dream On Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings aspires to greatness with passionate and captivating designs. The charming designs of Dream On makes you eager to be inspired to dream big and express your personal style with wallpaper patterns that promise elegance and romance.

Textures and graphics are bursting from these pages seeking out the perfect space on your walls. Top selling Onyx wallcovering gets an infusion of 3 new colors on its patchwork of minerals. The meandering pattern Drizzle wall covering climbs the walls in a sinuous and organic band to create an abstracted ogee design. The ever ambitious and playful Mesmerize wallpaper joins triangles in a clever use of light and shadow for an outrageous graphic no one can resist.

Set your room aglow with pearlescent inks, metallic threads and raised prints that embody glamour of Hollywood. Make your walls sing with a lyrical adaptation of an ogee into the Art Deco inspired Rhapsody wallcovering. The curious and curvilinear design of Contessa wall covering uses a fluid contemporary scroll to express joy and promise for all who enter a room. This collection's show stopper is undoubtedly the stunning and distinctive Embroidered Circles wallpaper employing matte and glitter threads to a three dimensional ring pattern.

Dots and textures, scrolls and botanicals, graphics and a hint of an animal print electrify our need to design. These expressive and beautiful patterns are awash with the overflowing optimism we have come to expect of Candice. The potential for ravishing walls is on every page of Dream On Wallcovering Collection by Candice Olson.

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