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The Advantage Bath Wallpaper Book by Brewster

Advantage Bath Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcovering
“Clean lined geometrics and fascinating motifs to decorate your bath.”

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Advantage Bath

Saar Trees Wallpaper


The entire collection of Advantage Bath by Brewster is available through Leland's Wallpaper.

For samples and orders from this collection, please call our showroom. 817-226-7890.

Advantage Bath Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcovering explores the myriad of styles used in a bathrooms across the globe. From contemporary to mid century, from the beach house to a farmhouse, there is a pattern and color for everyone. Geometric, botanical, tropical, tile, wood, and textures are all offered in this prolific collection. Embossed inks offer a raised texture while metallic inks provide a shimmer.

Botancials bring the soothing beauty of nature. Edomina Palm Wallpaper has the wonderful appeal of a woven fabric with a spiky printed palm leaf in shades of beige, teal and dark brown. Aaron Bird Trail Wall Covering uses a hand drawn design of branches and birds to provide the charming appeal of a toile in light blue or white. Hammons Block Botanical Wallcovering brings back a retro tropical leaf print in the mid century style and has a metallic palette of silver and gold.

Fascinating motifs make a pleasant change of pace. Saar Trees Wallpaper features a delightful Scandinavian forest of trees in rows with a tri-tone composition of aqua or pink. Horace Flamingos Wall Covering is a captivating design of these unusual birds, nestled in a group as if for warmth, with lavish plumage in a palette of light or dark pink.

Clean lines and neutral palettes harmonize with modern decor. Neale Subway Tile Wall covering is a fatter subway tile of 4 inches by 7 inches with a textured ink that gives a rough speckled finish to the white, black and grey variations.

Coordinating wall coverings from Advantage Bath Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcovering makes multi room design effortless. The advantage line of bathroom wall coverings is budget friendly without skimping on the quality.

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